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Commercial Mediation

Unfortunately, there are times in business when disputes occur that need a quick resolution to prevent any financial or reputational damage. Commercial mediation is one of the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) when dealing with disputes that arise in business. That’s where we can help.

Our experts have a vast amount of experience in commercial mediation, working with all parties involved in the dispute, to achieve the best possible resolution.

How does commercial mediation work?

There are many reasons why a commercial dispute may arise. For example, if commitments within a contract were not honoured, if mistakes were made by a supplier that caused financial loss or if there are disputes over your intellectual property. Whatever the dispute, commercial mediation is a way to reach a resolution without matters escalating to litigation.

A mediator is an independent adviser who works with each party and navigates towards a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve the dispute.

Mediators are independent, so they don’t advise either party on what they should do or issue the parties with a decision. They’ll ask the parties questions and help reveal any underlying issues. They’ll then help the parties understand the issues at hand and clarify any options available to settle the dispute.

Our commercial mediators are extremely experienced when it comes to commercial mediation and have led a vast number of parties to a successful agreement without the need for litigation.

What is workplace mediation?

There are times when conflicts arise within your own business. Some of the most common conflicts that can arise within a business include:

  • Conflicts with employees
  • Conflicts between managers and employees
  • Conflicts between senior management and managers / employees
  • Conflicts between business partners

These situations are often delicate so require mediation experts to handle the situation with care, and help resolve the issues quickly to enable a productive and harmonious business.

Commercial Mediation

What are the benefits of commercial mediation?

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution’s Ninth CEDR Mediation Audit 2021 estimates that the overall success of commercial mediation is very high, with 93% of cases being resolved on the day or shortly afterwards.

With disputes having the potential to negatively impact your finances and your reputation, it’s important to deal with these matters quickly and these statistics demonstrate that commercial mediation can do just that. If the matter goes to court, it can take quite some time and the costs can be significant.

Commercial mediation is obviously much less formal than going to court and is therefore more flexible, enabling both parties to be fully satisfied with the outcome. It’s also private and confidential, so there’ll be much less disruption within the business.

If there is a dispute with your business and you’re looking for an ADR, then instructing a commercial mediation specialist could be of significant benefit.

How much does an employment lawyer cost?

It’s difficult to say how much it will cost for an employment lawyer to represent you until we know the circumstances of your case. However, we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the legal costs involved in an employment case, so have set out the fees involved in our Fees Transparency page. For more details about our fees and how we can help, simply contact us today and one of our experts will be happy to discuss this with you.

How can Inspire Legal Group help?

Our commercial mediators are ADR specialists and have a high success rate of resolving disputes without the need for litigation, which can prevent any financial or reputational damage to the business.

Our commercial mediators are innovative leaders who are fully trained and proactive in their response. They’ll act quickly to ensure the mediation process begins without delay to seek a quick resolution.

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