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Deaf flag with No BSL No Vote hashtag

No BSL No Vote

Welcome to the #NoBSLNoVote campaign page, an initiative by Inspire Legal Group in collaboration with, aimed at ensuring full political participation for the Deaf community in the UK.

With another General Election on the way, it is vital that all voters, including those who use British Sign Language (BSL), have equal access to political information and manifestos.

Why #NoBSLNoVote?

According to the British Deaf Association (BDA), there are 151,000 BSL users in the UK. For many BSL users, written English is a second language with a different structure, grammar, and syntax. This linguistic barrier often makes information, such as political manifestos and campaign materials, difficult to understand without BSL translations.

The Issue at Hand

The average reading age of a BSL deaf school-leaver is just 9 years old. This highlights the necessity for BSL translations in all political communications to make sure that the Deaf community is not excluded from participating in the democratic process.

Our Mission

The goal of the #NoBSLNoVote is to encourage all political parties to provide BSL interpretations for TV appearances, rallies, conferences, and their manifestos. This campaign is a call to action for political inclusivity and accessibility.

Legal Framework

Under the Equality Act 2010, political parties are legally required to provide BSL translations for public events and published information. With advancements in AI and other technologies, there are no longer any excuses for failing to provide these essential translations. AI-based BSL providers like can quickly and easily translate text into BSL videos.

Write to the Politicians

We invite you to join us in advocating for this critical change. You can help by sending a letter to each or any of the political parties requesting BSL versions of political party communications. Download the free template letters below.

To find out who your MP is, use the Government website resource:

Here’s a BSL translation of the content of the letter:

Pioneers in Disability Rights

Chris Fry is a highly respected disability rights lawyer, known for his pioneering work in disability discrimination cases, particularly those affecting the Deaf community. He has previously won a Judicial Review against the Cabinet Office for failing to provide BSL interpreters during the pandemic and is listed as one of the Shaw Trust Power 100 most influential disabled lawyers in the UK.

About Inspire Legal

Inspire Legal is a Disability Confident law firm committed to making legal services accessible to everyone. Using assistive technology, we connect clients with a national network of high-quality solicitors.

About Signapse

Signapse was set up with one of the earliest partners, Marcel Hirshman, a leading Deaf Translator with over 20 years of experience with research born out of the University of Surrey. It works with a suite of technology and AI integrations to provide sign language translation at scale, rapidly and accurately.

Get Involved

Together, we can ensure that every voice is heard in the democratic process. Join the #NoBSLNoVote campaign today and help make a difference!