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Founded in March 2020, during the first week of the Covid-19 pandemic, #jointhemovement offers consultant lawyers, entrepreneurs, industry professionals and legal engineers the chance to join in the revolution taking place in the legal industry.

What is #jointhemovement?


Under the umbrella of Inspire Legal Group and its brands, we can make a real change, and we want you to take that journey with us.

What are the benefits of #jointhemovement?

Whether you’re a lawyer wishing to join as a consultant, or a legal entrepreneur or engineer wishing to start your own project, you’ll be fully supported by Inspire Legal Group. From setting up the business and providing insurance, to providing office support and lead generation, the benefits we provide are invaluable.

Those who #jointhemovement will be able to run their own business, choose their own working hours and dictate their own day, while receiving all the benefits of being an employee. In addition, they’ll be part of a successful community of like-minded individuals, allowing ideas to improve the industry to grow and develop.

We’ve already successfully collaborated and partnered with numerous legal consultants and legal innovators, and we’re growing.


If you want to be part of this exciting, new, innovative community and take advantage of the invaluable support and service we can offer you, simply email for more information.