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Inspire Crypto

Inspire Crypto

What is Inspire Crypto?

The crypto industry is currently unregulated, which means anyone can claim to be an adviser on how to invest your crypto assets. However, we believe we have a duty of care to our clients to ensure they have access to justice. This is why we have Inspire Crypto.

We’re one of a kind. We’re the only law firm in the UK able to trace assets due to the technology we use. We also have an incredibly high success rate in recovering missing or stolen assets.

Our mission is to support transactions within the metaverse and the crypto market and eradicate the fear of crypto assets.

What services does Inspire Crypto offer?

In a nutshell, what we do is confirm to our clients whether or not they’ve been involved in a crypto scam, trace their missing assets and attempt to recover them. We have an extremely high success rate in recovering missing assets for our clients.

A scam usually occurs when a victim buys legitimate cryptocurrency, but a scammer manages to convince them to transfer their cryptocurrency from their wallet to the scammer’s wallet and the victim will do this as they believe they’re trading. When this occurs, the victim no longer has access to the contents of their wallet and all they’ll be left with is a wallet code.

The wallet transaction history can’t be deleted as it’s through the Blockchain, so from this they’ll be able to see where the assets initially went, but won’t be able to see any further. What scammers tend to do is layer them up and keep moving them around so they’re more difficult to trace.

There are free searches which you can find on the internet. However, these will only tell you so much. This is where we can help.

Trace process

With our technology, we’re able to conduct an accurate and detailed “trace” of the client’s missing assets. This software provides us with several important details which our client would be unaware of, as this information is often not available for the public.

Once we’re provided with the transaction details of our client, and other information such as their wallet address and the address which the funds were sent to, the trace process begins.

As part of this process, we’re able to identify the movement of our client’s assets all the way to the end destination. This is often seen as an exchange used to “cash-out” the funds. In addition, our technology also enables us to identify any other websites or sources our client’s assets were exposed to such as; high-risk exchanges, illegal websites and crypto wallets, which have been reported for financial misconduct. This provides us with a clear pathway and understanding of the process used to steal our client’s assets, which enables us to take the correct action to help recover them.

The identification of the final movement of our client’s assets gives us the ability to ensure the best plan of action is taken in the next steps to recover them. This is due to the pin-point accuracy of our software and our expert knowledge of the crypto industry in terms of the regulatory status of the exchanges and the knowledge of the different types of legal requirements and standards these exchanges are held to.


Once the trace process is complete and we find the end destination of your missing assets, it’s likely that they’ll be in the scammer’s wallet, along with other people’s assets which have been stolen by the scammer. That means the wallet could hold a significant amount. We then offer a service for “recovery”.

When anyone sets up a wallet, they’ll have to go through AML and KYT checks and that includes scammers, so even if it has been cashed out, we’ll be able to identify who the scammer is.

If the stolen assets have not been cashed out and are still in the wallet, we’ll contact the company who owns the wallet and tell them what has happened. We’ll ask for a disclosure order and a freezing order to freeze the scammers wallet and try to disable their whole operation so we can get your money back.

Why choose Inspire Crypto?

In addition to being highly skilled in the crypto industry, and the only law firm in the UK able to trace assets through our technology.

Our key partners WRS Wealth Recovery Solicitors are highly experienced in investment fraud and have an extremely high success rate of recovering missing or stolen assets. To date, they’ve recovered over £4 million, all without going through the litigation process.

We’re forward-thinking, understand the digital future, and are leading the way to ensure clients get support and advice, as well as access to justice.

We also work with regulators and international governments to develop policies relating to the adoption of crypto compatible functionality.

We are also working with industry experts to help develop and understand the impact of crypto regulation on the legal industry and ultimately our clients.

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