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About Us

Inspire Legal Group is an alternative business structure, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, that promises to revolutionise the legal industry and bring it into the modern age. It’s a movement, and one which will make life easier for legal industry professionals and clients – giving them access to justice without restrictions. The business is made up of 4 brands which work hand-in-hand to transform the legal industry:

  • Inspire Legal: A law firm which invites legal consultants and entrepreneurs to grow and develop their consultancy business together with their skills and knowledge, and provide exceptional personal and business legal services to clients.
  • Inspire Legal Academy: Due to launch soon: An outstanding training provider of essential medico-legal, legal practice and legal technology training to both medical and legal professionals in the industry.
  • Inspire Crypto: The only law firm in the UK to provide recovery of missing crypto assets through scams.
  • Vleppo UK: A digitised technology solutions company, empowering businesses to embed Blockchain and smart technology into their operating models and underpin everyday legal transactions.

These brands bring together legal consultants, legal entrepreneurs and legal engineers, from across the UK, to provide a range of exceptional legal services. Inspire Legal Group is ahead of the competition. We don’t just talk about change, we’ve created change. We’ve attracted forward-thinking leading professionals in legal technology, finance, crypto and education, all of whom are looking to the future and pushing for reforms, regulation and new innovative digital solutions.



Founded in March 2020, during the first week of the Covid-19 pandemic, #jointhemovement offers consultant lawyers, entrepreneurs, industry professionals and legal engineers the chance to join in the revolution of the legal industry. Under the umbrella of Inspire Legal Group and its brands, we can make a real change, and we want you to take that journey with us.

We want to:

  • Lead the legal industry with technological innovation
  • Onboard and develop outstanding talent
  • Deliver equitable returns for founders and investors
  • Futureproof ongoing investment to secure change

If you want more information about #jointhemovement, contact us today.

Technological Innovation

The UK is underrepresented in the utilisation of Blockchain technology and the use of smart legal contracts within business. Following the Law Commission’s press release in November 2021 confirming that smart legal contracts were enforceable under English contract law, we’re trailblazing the implementation of this within the industry and our clients’ businesses, and supporting the legalities behind these transactions.

Our tech products will enable various transactions utilising Blockchain technology. We’ll also educate the industry how this is safe, secure, smart and convenient, both for businesses and personal clients. We also have non-Blockchain solutions where house sales and purchases have been undertaken, just using a smartphone. Our mantra in respect of technology is quite simply “make lives easier”.

Inspire Legal Academy enables lawyers to use the technology confidently through dedicated training. This will ensure our lawyers are ahead of the game and have the ability to become, or advise, legal engineers in respect of drafting and coding.

We’re a digital-first practice, operating seamlessly across a variety of practice

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