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We’ve heard of Blue Mondays but did you know about Purple Tuesday?

For the last 6 years the team at Purple Tuesday have used the first Tuesday in November to highlight improvements to the consumer experience for disabled people; improving integration and understanding between business and consumers. Quoting from their excellent website:

“For disabled people and their families:

• Receiving a poor customer experience gives an overriding sense of not being wanted. Or cared about. And leads to a firm perception that disabled peoples’ purple pounds are not valued.

• 75% of disabled customers have, at one time, left a shop, hotel, restaurant or website without making a purchase due to poor access and/or customer service.

• Poor accessibility doesn’t just impact on the disabled customer. But their families as well. A large negative ripple effect is created.

• 70% of disabled customers will not return to an organisation after receiving a poor customer service. That is a huge number and opportunity wasted.

• 73% of disabled people prefer brands that allow them to be spontaneous without having to plan before a visit.And that is more straightforward for organisations to deliver than they think.

For organisations and their staff:

• Can any business afford to ignore the needs of 24% of the population – the world’s largest minority group.

• The Purple Pound – the consumer spending power of disabled people and their families – equates to £274 billion and rising at 14% per annum. Globally the figure is $13 trillion annually.

• Only 10% of businesses have any strategy or plan to access this market. For those that do, and do it right, it becomes a competitive advantage.

Our disability rights team at Inspire fully supports Purple Tuesday today and we’re there all year round for people looking to enforce their legal rights to change the way that services are delivered.

Hopefully we won’t have many more Purple Tuesdays before making Blue Mondays a thing of the past for disabled consumers.

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