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STAMMA is an extraordinary charity with a great support and advocacy team that I have had the privilege of working with. Their recent research has shown some disappointing results which are important for both people with speech differences and service providers trying to make themselves more accessible.

According to their research of over 300 of their members between January and June 2023:

  • Over two thirds of all respondents, 68%, reported they can only book a GP appointment using the phone. The telephone of course being a source of anxiety for many who stammer.
  • 41% of people who stammer reported they find it ‘very difficult’ using the phone to book an appointment. This compares with 23% of people who don’t stammer. 
  • 54% of people who stammer experienced mental distress around using the phone to make appointments.
  • People answering the survey reported they had been hung up on, misunderstood, rushed, laughed at, or simply not given enough time to explain their needs. This led some to delay making appointments or even avoid them altogether, which has impacted their health.

Banks with automated lines requiring spoken words to cross security must find different security options as a means of reasonable adjustment in order to comply with the Equality Act. Booking or helplines which are telephone only including entertainment venues, healthcare providers are likewise subject to similar obligations. When providing a service to the public there has to be a consideration of the communication needs of customers or patients with sensory impairments as well as physical ones. The impact is otherwise disempowering and potentially expensive in terms of compensation and legal fees. The positive impact of getting this right not only saves money but makes it.

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