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As we travel toward September it often feels like a fresh start…….. starting a new course at Uni, or a new school year. It’s also a new and exciting start for me with the team at Inspire Legal.

The Inspire Legal Group, its Board and its team embody the key values I value the most; making legal services more accessible to everyone and empowering their lawyers to focus on where they can make the greatest difference.

I am delighted to announce that I am now joining their team (on their 3 year anniversary)to combine my Equality & Human Rights practice with them. One of the most important aspects of this combination is to allow regulatory and support work to be handled by Inspire’s core team using their groundbreaking technology so that I can focus on advancing cases which make a real difference in terms of creating equal opportunities for people who are unfairly disadvantaged by the world around them.

This is a progressive and well resourced law firm managed by impressive and forward-thinking people aiming to provide the most accessible legal service to people and businesses looking for assistance across a full legal services offering, and one which I’m proud to be joining.

I can be contacted at and am looking forward to working on a number of exciting new challenges and campaigns with their support.

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